Avoid Breaking Down At The Airport

There are a number of things that can be done to prevent help you avoid airport parking breakdowns. Whilst you might think it isn’t a common thing, more people breakdown at airports than you might think. Whether you’ve gone away for a few days or week, there’s a chance that leaving your car standing could lead to a number of issues.

Advice To Keep Travellers On The Move

Battery related breakdowns are more common during the winter months. When cars are left for periods of time and particularly in low temperatures the battery is at risk of going flat. Before going on holiday, check you battery to ensure it’s in top condition.

In addition to checking how well the battery is performing you should also check to see if the connections are tight and if any corrosion has occurred. Car batteries are usually replaced every 3 years. Investing in good quality jump leads or a portable battery starter means you’ll be able to try and give your battery some juice until you can get a replacement.

Checking fluid levels such as oil, water and anti-freeze will ensure that all of your cars levels are where they should be. Don’t forget about fuel either, you don’t want to get back from a holiday to find you don’t have enough fuel to get you home. Referring back to your handbook can provide you will essential information about the maintenance checks you can carry out on your car.

If you plan on leaving your car in an airport car park, then the most important thing to remember is to turn everything off. This means checking lights, heating, air conditioning, wipers and your entrainment systems are all off before you consider switching off the engine.

Airport Breakdown
Breaking Down At An Airport

Common Issues That Cause Breakdowns

Many problems can occur when your car is left sat for long periods of time. Some of the most common issues that can cause breakdowns at airports are:

  • Battery Trouble
  • Electrical Fault
  • Flat Tyres
  • Low Fuel
  • Fluid Levels

My car still won’t start what should I do?

If you try to start your car and have no success, then it’s recommend you wait at least 20 minutes before trying again. This gives the battery enough time to build power to start the engine. On some occasions you wont be able to start your car, no matter what you do or how hard you try. This is usually because a more deep rooted problem is causing the issue. If you can’t start your car, then the best thing you can do is call a breakdown recovery service. They will come out to you as soon as possible and will either attempt to temporarily find a solution to your problem or they will tow you to the nearest service station.

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