Breaking Down Unexpectedly

Breaking down by the side of the road is never easier and research has shown that around a third of UK drivers worry about breaking down whilst they are driving. Whether it be dead batteries, overheated engines or something else, anything can go wrong with your car.

We all know that breaking down is a pain, no matter when or where it might happen. However, there are some breakdown situations that can cause us extra stress such as on the way to an airport or a meeting. Below we’ll take a look at some of the worst breakdown scenarios.

On The Way To A Meeting

Whether it’s a job interview, a promotion or an important business meeting, there’s nothing worse that breaking down on the side of the road. Most breakdowns recovery services will usually take around 40 minutes to arrive on average, and during this time you could of missed your appointment.

Many of us don’t plan for emergency situations like this, but a bit of prep can make it less stressful. Keeping useful tools such as jump ropes, spare tyres or quick repair tyre foam can provide a fast and temporary breakdown solution to get you to your destination. Don’t forget if you do breakdown to call the place where your meeting is held, many people will understand and they might be able to delay or rearrange the meeting for you.

On The Way Too Or From An Airport

When you’ve waited months to go on holiday and now the time finally arrives and your all ready to go, then the car won’t start. Grabbing a taxi big enough to take you, your luggage and family at short notice can be difficult. With most holidays if you don’t arrive on time then it’s likely you won’t get a refund or you’ll have to pay extra to rearrange your flights.

However, it’s not just the journey to the airport but what about getting back off a flight in the middle of the night and the car not starting. When cars are left stood for a while, then it could struggle to start. You probably won’t be prepared for this scenario so it’s important to have breakdown recovery in place to help protect you. Some of the worth airport to suffer a breakdown at are Heathrow and Gatwick.

Breakdown Recovery
Breaking Down

On The Way Too Or From An Airport

Whether you’re on your own or have children in the car, no one wants to breakdown on a country road in the dark. In the country it’s likely you wont get much signal and your not going to go walking in the dark to find one either. Keep a well stocked car and make sure you know where the nearest emergency phone is or have a reliable phone network that has good coverage over the countryside. Breaking down at Heathrow airport is one of the worst airport scenarios.

When The Waters Break

Can you imagine being on the way to hospital with a pregnant lady in the car and your car breaking down. Whilst the chances of breaking down on the way to the hospital are slim it can happen. So it’s important to be prepared.

There are a number of things you should always carry in your vehicle such as a tyre repair kit, spare tyres and a number of other things. However, some problems can’t be repaired quickly and that’s why it’s important to have a reliable breakdown company you can count on.

In The Middle Of A Storm

If you break down on a sunny day, then it’s bad but not as bad as you might think. However, if your vehicle breaks down and it’s in the middle of a storm or bad weather, then it’s entirely different. Research has shown that around 43% of UK drivers admit to feeling anxious about breaking down in bad weather. Emergency breakdown services are usually able to provide a quick response.

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